Rental Application Documents

The location of the rental is:

810 East Boston Street, Seattle, WA 98102, USA.

When application is initiated by an interested renter the following documents will be provided to him/her:

Application form

City of Seattle Regulations for Landlords and Tenants

Copy of the proposed lease agreement with the stated rental rate, deposits & fees

House rules, defination of the space being leased and limitations to the uses of the spaces.

Causes for termination of the lease by us and costs to the tenant

These documents may be either obtained in person during the personal interview or online prior to the personal interview.

Rental Application and Fees

Rental Rates are based on a minimum stay of thirty (30) days and a maximum stay of 1 year.

Stays longer than a year must be negotiated with a minimum stay of 3 months and in 3 month increments thereafter.

All stays require an initial approved application and application fee of $200 and a non refundable credit check fee of $100.

The application fee of $300 is non-refundable if the applicant is approved and does not sign a lease for the unit within 48 hours of the approval.

If the applicant signs a lease, $200 of the application fees will be applied to the required security deposit of $3,500, which is due prior to occupancy.

This security deposit will not be applied to the last month’s rent. The security deposit, less documented damages, missing furnishings or appliances and excessive cleaning requirements, will be returned to the tenant within 7 days of the end of the leased period unless a lease extension has been approved.

If the tenant is involved in any criminal activity on the property or within the unit, the tenant will be subject to immediate eviction and loss of all rent paid in as well as the security deposit. Additional charges and legal fees may be charged to the tenant.

Rental Rates & Services

The unit rental rate is based on seasonal demand, cost of utilities and length of stay.

Monthly rental rate ranges from: $3,850 to $4,750 per month (ALL INCLUSIVE) depending on when and length of stay.

  • The monthly rate varies and is averaged over the rental period

  • Special winter season rate: ($3,850/mo) November through February

  • Discounts are available for longer stays 6-12 months and other special situations


The minimum stay for a Month to Month Rental is 1 month

The rental rate is posted by the month and is averaged over the period to determine the monthly rate

The rental rate total is the sum of the specific months' rates and then averaged per month of the stay

(Example: April, May & June would be the sum of  $3,800+$3,800+$5,000 then averaged over 3 months at $4,200 per month)

Longer term rentals may be offered an additional discount

An Owner's Lease Agreement with the above stated rate, fees and deposits must be signed by the Tenant prior to occupancy.

It is the obligation and responsibility of the Tenant to seek legal advise prior to signing the Lease Agreement or any other documents involved with or required by the Owner prior to occupancy.

All amounts due (including security deposit, fees and first months rent) must be paid to the Owner prior to occupancy.

The rental amount is due on the first of the month and every subsequent month for the duration stated on the lease agreement.

A Late Rent payment fee of $100 will be charged to the Tenant for a rent payment made after the 3rd of the month.

The fee to the Tenant for a check returned to the Owner by the bank is $150.

The interest rate for late payment is the maximum of 12% per annum or the highest allowed by law not to exceed 19%.

The Tenant will be subject to all legal fees incurred by the Owner for efforts in the collection of rent, costs for damages and lost rent due to necessary repairs of damages to the rental unit.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we conform to all federal, state and local laws and rules required by those governments and their agencies. Please check with those agencies regarding your rights and ours.


  • Mandatory monthly housekeeping by our staff is required
          (Certain tenant requirements for this service are listed in the rental agreement)

  • All utilities, including: Electrical Power, Natural Gas, Comcast Internet, TV services, Water, Sewer & Garbage.

  • Free off street parking for one automobile
    (The owner reserves the right to park one vehicle or trailer in the shared parking area)

  • Other notes

The deck adjacent to the unit is considered a common area and therefore must remain as staged by the owner and may be used by the tenant, the owner or his designated for maintenance and access purposes. That includes access to the owners garage and future office.


  • Extra programming or services through online subscriptions or through DirecTV or Comcast will be charged to the Tenant.

  • Other expenses incurred by the Owner, due to actions of the Tenant may be charged to the Tenant.